Freshly - A Neighborhood Store

Freshly is a neighborhood convenience grocery store, and a franchise concept introduced by METRO Pakistan Private Limited.

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Freshly - Brand

Freshly began its journey in Pakistan in November 2016 and in a short time period, we started expanding. Freshly emphasizes greatly on the product quality, customer experience and service to our customers. All that matters to Freshly is that you get the most healthy and fresh products with utmost convenience accompanied by a great shopping experience and exceptional customer service.

Brand Profile

With sincere commitment to our customers “Neighborhood Store”, Freshly gains an advantage by offering high quality daily fresh products and dry food grocery to cater all the household needs of various neighborhoods. Freshly is the new trendsetter for being the one-stop solution for all the routine household needs of people at affordable and convenient prices.

We help not only our customers but the communities around them as well. Freshly is not just a brand for businesses and our stakeholders but is a solution on many grounds. Freshly takes pride in its work and its ability to provide high quality products and services.  
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Having more than 65 shops, with more than 30 cities in Pakistan and expanding on an yearly basis. Helping to grow local businesses with operational efficiency and with high quality products.

Freshly is now targeting more 110+ Stores nationwide; and also growing products portfolio. Freshly hope to achieve the set target by the year 2023 & will continue to operate in Pakistan for the long term. 

Freshly - METRO Pakistan Private Limited Franchise Model


Freshly has seized the exceptional opportunity to offer a unique business opportunity to people from among its customers. This is not an opportunity only for those who want to improve their business and expand the range offered, but also for greedy businesses who are just starting a business. They were given the opportunity to fulfill their business dreams.


Thanks to its ability to adapt quickly to the requirements of various markets, the Freshly franchise has become a sought-after supplier for owners of hotels, restaurants and food retailers not only in Asia, but also in Europe, for example. We can find it in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, India, Portugal, Serbia and Myanmar.

Franchise achievements which we are proud of

For almost a decade, we have been building a stable business based on quality human relationships. We regularly create conditions for continuous development, which results in a successful business group.
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