Cooperation with us brings benefits

Freshly Brand is flexible and unique to suit business in any environment - whether you opt for inner city or shopping center, at the hospital or school, with or without parking. Thanks to the wide range of options and tested methodology we are able to customize exactly to your needs and capabilities.

Freshly Benefits

The Benefits of becoming a Partner

Your win is our win!
  • A small-format store idea with global appeal and success in a dependable market.
  • A trusted and potent METRO Pakistan Private Limited partner provided knowledge, a tool box of skills, and a retail management system with a good track record.
  • No prior experience in the food sector is necessary, and there is a low upfront investment
  • Possibility of self-actualization in one's own business with a dependable and dedicated partner
  • Support of centralized hub marketing and branding for your Freshly store
  • Attractive branding, a clear sense of who you are as a brand, and branding that stands out from your competitors
  • Continuous distribution of promotional flyers around your catchment area 
  • On the items in the flyer, you can find offers and reductions.
  • Collaborations with supplier and distributors for competitive advantages given to the investors. 

Sharing of knowledge

Our franchisees have a lot of talent and create a pleasant atmosphere in the operation, manage orders, ensure that customers find fresh food every day.

Freshly Knowledge
Among other things, we invest time and energy in the motivation and development of their employees and represent an international brand in their stores on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs are body and soul, with passion and enthusiasm, and thanks to that they successfully lead their own Freshly Store. You are never alone in this. You will acquire all the knowledge and skills within the Retail Franchise training - the concept of training modules, which we provide to all our franchise partners.

Freshly has more than 8000 stores worldwide, Freshly is currently in more than 10 countries. Locally, Freshly has increased its operational presence by adding more than 65 stores and aspires to grow its business throughout Pakistan. You will be reassure that your investment and you are in safe hands.
Success Stories

Meet our franchise owners

Hear from our franchisee owners and their opinions on Freshly.

Usman Khan 

After our partnership with Metro, we have opened Freshly shops across 30 cities.

Metro not only provides us with a one shop solution for all our assortment needs but also heavily invests in employee training in order to ensure superior customer experience and shop operations.
I own a small convenience shop in a rural area of Punjab. After converting it into a Freshly shop, I was able to expand my assortment from having just local and regional brands to top national brands, which Metro delivery at my shop.

This has given me a competitive edge over competitors who are unable to offer these brands due to supply-chain constraints.
The Freshly brand name has resulted in greater customer footfall and sales for me. I was able to expand the total assortment range to over 1,000. This includes ultra-fresh assortment, which Metro provides.

Moreover, they also conducted a train the trainer training to ensure effective shop operations.